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Director Arvind Deep's Family


Arvind Deep

Amika Deep (Wife)


Mahima Deep (Daughter)

Jemimah Deep (Daughter)

Thompson Deep (Son)


Director Arvind Deep

RTF Founder


Personal Testimony


Warm Greetings in the Lord's Name...


I would like to share my testimony with whoever will listen. My name is Arvind Deep and I was born and raised in a Christ-centered home and my parents regularly attended a free Baptist Church located in ukwa village Dist balaghat state Madhya Pradesh mid-India.


At the age of 19, my life took a turn for the worse. While attending college I found myself slipping into a very dark place. I became a slave to ungodly behavior and sold my soul to a world without God. I lived a hellish lifestyle and no one including my own family wanted anything to do with me. My behavior became so bad that my family refused to even speak to me. I felt confused and alone and had no hope of turning my life around.


Shortly after I realized I was not wanted by anyone I began planning to take my own life. I attempted suicide two times but before I succeeded someone heard my cry for help and came to my rescue. I didn’t know it at the time but God had different plans for me. Jesus was about to lead me out on a new journey with Him; a journey down a path of light, not darkness.


I never attended church until the age of 19 but yet in 1975 one of the great preachers of that time came to my home town and we were destined to connect spiritually. To this day, I believe God sent him specifically for me. His name was the late Dr. Ojhe Wilson. Dr. Wilson traveled often and frequently held gospel meetings in the local communities. He was also well known for his radio program which sent a message of hope to those who could not attend his gospel meetings in person. Dr. Wilson was a great servant of God and now is the presence of the Almighty.


My new life journey began on a very special day when Dr. Wilson had planned a three-day gospel meeting in my home town. My parents forced me to participate on the last day. It was that last meeting when God personally introduced himself to me. I had never felt that much love before and it felt as though God had cradled my broken heart into the palms of His hands and breathed new life into it. God touched my heart! I cried for my sinful acts, and I was broken yet revived as I repented for my previous sins. I took the next major step of faith by being baptized accordingly to the “Great Commission” found in Mathew 28;18-20.


The passage reads as follows: Matthew 28: 18-20 18And Jesus came up and spoke to them, saying, "All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. 19"Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, 20teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age."

I knew then my life was going to be different. God had already laid out a great plan for me and yet, I felt in my heart I must have a total transformation from the old self to the newly created follower of God who has just received the greatest gift of all, a clean slate in life and an eternity in heaven when I take my last breath here on earth. At that very moment, I decided to commit myself and the entirety of my life as a bondservant to God. I prayed for nothing more than God’s will and His direction. It was time for me to be a real man, a man of character, yet humble in the face of God and man.


I didn’t realize at the time how difficult my decision to follow God would be but I would never turn back from His leading in my life. So a started my personal journey with God by joining a local Church where I was confident I would be fed a healthy portion of God’s word. I took it slow in the beginning. I consumed God’s word like one would feed an infant requiring soft food. Over time I begin to crave more complex concepts and principles and before long I became a more stable and mature Christian. The Holy Spirit convicted my spirit to seek a formal education in the ways of God so I enrolled in Bible College where I completed 4 years of accredited biblical curriculum and graduated in 1978.


Several years past and in 1983 God called me to full-time ministry. I met the love of my life, Amika, and married her. Amika and I spent the next 14 years of our lives serving God as we traveled through India promoting various ministries. As a Missionary, I faced incredible persecution, starvation, and at times beaten for my belief but God miraculously protected me and my family. To honor God for His many blessings I elected to fast for twenty-one days. During this time God cleansed and purified my spirit and it was then that He showed me where my journey would lead me. God presented me with a vision for lost souls and the Holy Spirit helped me understand the path I should take.


Amika and I set out from our home to begin the journey God had just foretold. God blessed us as we began the process of establishing our ministry and to-date we are active in three states of India where people have never had an opportunity to hear the gospel. So we continued to reach out to the local communities and established a following of the faithful. As time passed I had witnessed firsthand great suffering by so many people but especially the little orphan children who were slaves of a sinful environment and where their parents left them to defend themselves. This reality brought tears to my eyes and God placed a heavy burden on my heart to stand firm on their behalf when it seemed no one else cared to protect them from the enemy of this world..


Since that new reality set in, twenty-eight years have passed and God continues to provide miracles on behalf of His little children. The journey God has for me is not over by a long shot. I am now prayerfully requesting of God that His Spirit convict new people to become a valuable part of reaching lost communities as part of God’s plan to multiple and bless His followers.


We continue to provide training and support and God has reached more than one thousand people for God. Because of our faithfulness, God continues to bless our life-changing ministry each and every day.


As a man who has given his life over to God, I continue to experience a great burden and much compassion for the many poor orphan children, widows, and destitute people who have yet to learn about our loving God. They are doomed as lost souls so we must not lose a single minute trying to reach them for our loving Father. My desire is to reach every lost soul by becoming a bright and shining light in a world of virtual darkness. I want each person I meet to experience true Agape love that only comes from God above. We can accomplish this by demonstrating the love of God in our daily walk as a testament of our faithfulness and commitment to God. We support and encourage each lost soul through word and deed, as we humbly fall on our face in adoration and praise for our Heavenly Father who loves every living being on the face of this earth. God’s desire is that no one should perish but have everlasting life.


Would you please pray for our ministry as we go forward with God’s plan having to work as if God’s provisions are in plain sight, even though our eyes will not see His blessings until the perfect time according to His will, not our own. We must all have absolute faith in our Creator to meet every need regardless of circumstance in life. Father God has already chosen the perfect person(s) to fill in the gap while standing firm in their convictions without wavering. One who will reach total submission to God’s will without compromising His principles?


Is God pulling on your heart? Is the Holy Spirit tugging at your heartstrings right now? If so, don’t miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime to serve your Creator. Only you know if God is speaking to you. Our Father has an unmistakable voice and His message will be made clear to you. Spend time in the Word and meditate upon it, day and night. The Holy Spirit will enlighten you by making the Words of the Lord jump off the page of the bible and His voice will be manifested within you. Simply trust and obey for there is no other way.


I believe God is calling me to further expand our boundaries and our mission to include “Mid-India”. Only God can clear a path for this segment of our journey. I have no doubt that we are called to fulfill the “Great Commission” of our Lord and Savior. God has shaped and honed my character over the last twenty-eight years and I have come to believe without a showdown of doubt His power and authority over all things, whether in the heavens or on earth.


I will live and die sharing God’s word to all who will listen and will lead the faithful followers of our Lord and Savior. I exist for one purpose and that is to serve my Father in Heaven. Let no power of darkness come against God’s servant lest he is besieged by the awesome power of the Most-High.


So we march onward spreading the good news into our neighboring towns and villages as we reach out to the lost. God has promised that every person on this earth will have an opportunity to accept Him or deny Him. You have free will to decide for yourself. Just know that one day, God will return as a thief in the night, when you least expect it, but then it will be too late for those who have neglected His calling in their life. For those who deny Him before men, He will deny them before His Father in Heaven.


Father God, we seek protection from above for those who are suffering persecution for their newfound faith. Place your arms around them, send your strongest angels to stand on their behalf, fill them with hope, love, and joy beyond human description.


Please support our calling to spread Your love to the masses. Give us the strength to abide in you and the wisdom to understand your will for our lives. Open the eyes of men so they will see Your full glory. Enable the Holy Spirit to be our comforter as you work through us each day.


In God's Holy Name. Amen.


Love God, Love People


Director Arvind Deep

RTF Founder

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