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RTF Projects

Day Care Center


RTF has opened a Day Care Center in Bargarh Ordissa in an effort to help the leprosy-affected. Basic education is being imparted to the slum children and street children and nourishing food is provided to these children. The number of children has increased to over (150) and it is on the rise. Value-based education is also imparted, not neglecting health, hygiene, civic and social awareness.


Community Development


Our area of operations is not only confined to Bargarh  Odessa state and Madhya Pradesh but has extended its horizons to other parts of Chhattisgarh state  Maharashtra state especially in the poorest prone area balaghat baiga gond forest people and  Bhilai Chhattisgarh state. Children are literate today and are guided through moral and value-based education. Counseling activities are on the increase and any children are able to complete their education with the financial support extended through RTF ministry and our affiliations.

Medical Aid


Voluntary organizations, hospitals, and especially the Municipal Hospital have joined hands with RTF in arranging seminars and health programs for the slum dwellers. Free medical advice is imparted as well as free medical treatment. There is a need for medical professionals within a Malaria prone area and guidance to the society is the need of the day. Education in health and hygiene is of primary importance as we seek to offer guidance in Family planning, Prevention of Aids, Mother and Child health care, etc.


Pavement Ministry


Urchins, destitute, and orphans from the streets are being picked up and put in shelter homes where they are taken care of. Medical treatment is extended to many patients regularly. Not having any other source of financial support, this project is the only hope for the sick, suffering, and starving. This task is a gigantic effort on the part of RTF, which needs extensive perseverance and humility.


Aged Caring


The need for supporting the old and aged who have been affected by leprosy has been the need of our society. Old people are deserted by family members and are supported financially in cash and kind. Unable to work, they look to this project as their only support. 


Mercy Home/ Orphanage


There are a total of ninety (90) growing children from the age of (5-16) who are living on our church campus. We currently provide food, clothes, shoes, and hygienic supplies so they can be prepared for attending our government school system. We desperately need sponsorship for these wonderful but needy children.


Since its foundation back 2003 RTF has increased its footprint considerably as programs and projects are added and expanded throughout our Ministry. We all have labored hard to respond to many urgent needs within the communities it serves but we need your help.


One of RTF’s Day Care Centers is well established currently with over (150) children having been trained and well educated during the past decade. More than (200) children attend continuing education programs and we are happy to say some have really excelled by qualifying for enrollment in colleges. We really need additional support in this area as we endeavor to assist with the cost of these motivated students as they progress towards their goal of completing higher levels of education.


In one of our latest community development projects, we are in the process of constructing a community hall for our ministries activities and supplemental training programs.



Future Plans and Projects


Current Goals

  • Complete construction on the Prayer Hall and Orphanage within (3) years.

  • Open a Vocational Training Center to aid in reaching the most unreachable while serving the children of leprosy within the state of orissa bargarh

  • Open a Rehabilitation Center for the counseling and treatment of drug addicts and alcoholics.

  • Fundraising projects to support the construction of a Community Hall and Children’s Home

  • Seek additional sponsors in support of the children of prostitutes and orphans in the slum areas.

  • Seek additional sponsors for the education of (25) young girls who are actively studying in preparation to complete the GNT nursing course

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The Deep Family

Amika Deep, DirectorArvind's wife has always been a strong pillar of support for the ministry. They both attribute their success first and foremost to Almighty God, followed by the many well wishers, friends and like-minded organizations, and missions who have provided guidance and resources throughout the years.


God has blessed them both with three wonderful Children who have grow up to follow God and are committed to supporting RTF and the many souls it serves.


RTF Tailoring Center

RTF Tailoring Center for Women

RTF Day Care Center

RTF Day Care Center


Bicycles provided to village

Bicycles provided to village by Director Deep


Widow Receives Gift

Widow received warm clothes and a small

monetary gift for livihood 2012


Forgotten Children

Forgotten children need your help


Need Funding to complete Community Hall

RTF needs additional funding to complete  Community Hall in Village where the foundation has already been prepared.



RTF Women Development Program

RTF Women Development program and community meetings 2009

RTF Homeless and Abandoned Orphanage

RTF homeless and abandoned orphanage at ukwa Dist balaghat Madhya Pradesh state India


RTF Feeding Center

RTF Feeding Center odisha Dist bargarh


RTF Feeding Center

Feeding Center to poor children


Clothes Given at Christmas

Poorest children received Christmas clothes


Leprosy Family Receives Blanket

Leprosy family receives blanket to save themselves from coldness in bargarh odisha, they also need a water pump (2012)


Orphan Children Need Bed Sheets

Our orphan children need bed sheets for comfort and cleanliness.


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