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Mission Statement


Revival Tabernacle Fellowship (RTF) is a non-profit ministry, established on Feb 11, 2000, in Madhya Pradesh, India. As a legal entity of India, RTF is registered with the Indian government as an NGO in accordance with the Society Act and our core objective is to assist the poor, downtrodden, widows, and orphan children who are in desperate need of our support.


RTF is called to reach out to the unreachable. We guide, teach and support local individuals seeking a leadership role as a volunteer. Our newly developed leaders are integral to the ongoing success of our support programs. We are witnessing a great number of poor orphan children and families who are persecuted regularly. We strive to become an active part of their lives by providing the bare necessities for life; food, water, and shelter. We also recognize the importance of receiving formal education during the early years of life and we make every effort to prepare each child for attendance in the local government schools. We endeavor to provide educational materials, uniforms, shoes, bicycles, hygienic products, and a host of other necessities.


Transportation is an area of real need. We need individuals and/or local businesses to donate or sponsor the purchase of a Van, four-wheeler, and a dozen or so bikes for the children to ride to and from school.


RTF is also currently seeking additional funding and material support to construct a small community hall which will also support the recruitment and training of additional social workers for an ever-increasing demand from our local communities.


RTF provides support within the communities of Madhya Pradesh, balaghat district village area and the Orissa bargarh district, and in areas where persecution runs rampant. Our ability to support these geographic areas is very limited at this time so we have plans in the future to establish a Day Care Center in the bargarh district where the need is greatest.


In addition, we maintain and support a small Children’s Orphan Center where we currently serve 175 poor orphan children, and each week we receive numerous requests seeking additional help for basic needs such as food, clothes, shoes, hygienic supplies, and educational support. We are called to help these children create a positive future for themselves and we do so by exhibiting a positive Godly lifestyle, leading by example, teaching from the Word of God, loving one another as we are commanded. We believe this life example enables each child to become productive citizens of India and become a blessing to many. Our intent is not to invoke conversion from one faith to another, rather, it is simply to share a love for one another in peace and harmony within our local communities.


Revival Tabernacle Fellowship (RTF) is committed to the end!


RTF is committed to our mission and we will never give in to the pressures this world places upon us. Over the years we have established an effective and functional ministry and as a result, we are obliged to care for and support (30) missionaries for whom must have great faith due to the limitations in resources. Many times Director Arvind Deep as well as friends of the ministry go over and above what is expected to either contribute more of their own resources or help raise funds through local communities. It is a never-ending battle because each day brings new challenges and many in dark places want to see our ministry fail. But if God is with us, who can be against us. This is His promise and we hold dear to this truth.


Over the past (10) years RTF has been actively involved in rescuing destitute people who face acute problems with basic life necessities. RTF has sheltered and cared for scores of Orphan children who are among some of the poorest from our surrounding villages. We need your help!




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