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RTF Needs Your Help


RTF desperately needs your support with our projects. Very little support reaches us from local or international charities, many of which restrict support and many times demand unrealistic qualification standards in screening potential recipients. RTF is small and has little to no wealth or influence. We are not a political organization nor do we seek government assistance as a general rule. We are often overlooked for grants or other means of funding and as a result must request help from those who have a heart to give but may not have adequate resources to impact the ministry in a substantial way. With that said, each gift regardless of size is treasured by us all. We would not be in existence today had it not been for their desire to give all that they could. It shouldn’t be this way but it is our reality. Our current support is very limited and inconsistent at best, making it virtually impossible to plan for future projects. RTF can only hope and pray that someone will hear from above and choose to provide for our needs of our poor.


Therefore, we sincerely request that you earnestly pray for God’s leading and in so doing, we trust that God will open additional avenues of support for our wonderful ministry. We seek to serve our God in Heaven and we trust Him in all things according to his will. 


As the leader of a great community of servants, I will remain in constant prayer believing in God's provisions because it is impossible to lay your heart at the foot of the Cross without it being heard by our Father in Heaven. I believe a person, a group, a charity, or some other entity will hear our plea and be led to fill our need. I’m confident in this belief!


We are patiently waiting on God’s answer to our prayers. God bless you all for hearing and acting upon our prayerful plea.


PS… RTF is willing and able to provide certified documentation supporting our ministries legitimacy. Please let us know what you will need to get started supporting our community for hope.

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