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About RTF

Revival Tabernacle Fellowship (RTF) is a non-profit ministry, established on 11th of February, 2000 in Madhya Pradesh, India. As a legal entity of India, RTF is registered with the Indian government as an NGO in accordance with the Society Act and our core objective is to assist the poor, down trodden, widows, and orphan children who are in desperate need of our support.


RTF is called to reach out to the unreachable. We guide, teach, and support local individuals seeking a leadership role as a volunteer. Our newly developed leaders are integral to the ongoing success of our support programs. We are witnessing a great number of poor orphan children and families who are persecuted regularly. We strive to become an active part of their lives by providing the bare necessities for life; food, water and shelter. We also recognize the importance of receiving a formal education during the early years of life and we make every effort to prepare each child for attendance in the local government schools. We endeavor to provide the educational materials, uniforms, shoes, bicycles, hygienic products and a host of other necessities.


Transportation is an area of real need. We need individuals and/or local businesses to donate or sponsor the purchase of a Van, four-wheeler, and a dozen or so bikes for the children to ride to and from school.


RTF is also currently seeking additional funding and material support to construct a small community hall which will also support the recruitment and training of additional social workers for an ever-increasing demand from our local communities.


RTF provides support within the communities of Madhya Pradesh, balaghat district village area and the Orissa bargarh district, and in areas where persecution runs rampant. Our ability to support these geographic areas is very limited at this time so we have plans in the future to establish a Day Care Center in the bargarh district where the need is greatest.


In addition, we maintain and support a small Children’s Orphan Center where we currently serve 175 poor orphan children, and each week we receive numerous requests seeking additional help for basic needs such as food, clothes, shoes, hygienic supplies, and educational support. We are called to help these children create a positive future for themselves and we do so by exhibiting a positive Godly lifestyle, leading by example, teaching from the Word of God, loving one another as we are commanded. We believe this life example enables each child to become productive citizens of India and become a blessing to many. Our intent is not to invoke conversion from one faith to another, rather, it is simply to share a love for one another in peace and harmony within our local communities.

RTF desperately needs your support with our projects. Very little support reaches us from local or international charities, many of which restrict support and many times demand unrealistic qualification standards in screening potential recipients. RTF is small and has little to no wealth or influence. We are not a political organization nor do we seek government assistance as a general rule. We are often overlooked for grants or other means of funding and as a result, must request help from those who have the heart to give but may not have adequate resources to impact the ministry in a substantial way. With that said, each gift regardless of size is treasured by us all. We would not be in existence today had it not been for their desire to give all that they could. It shouldn’t be this way but it is our reality. Our current support is very limited and inconsistent at best, making it virtually impossible to plan for future projects. RTF can only hope and pray that someone will hear from above and choose to provide for our needs of our poor.


Therefore, we sincerely request that you earnestly pray for God’s leading, and in so doing, we trust that God will open additional avenues of support for our wonderful ministry. We seek to serve our God in Heaven and we trust Him in all things according to his will. 


As the leader of a great community of servants, I will remain in constant prayer believing in God's provisions because it is impossible to lay your heart at the foot of the Cross without it being heard by our Father in Heaven. I believe a person, a group, a charity, or some other entity will hear our plea and be led to fill our needs. I’m confident in this belief!


We are patiently waiting on God’s answer to our prayers. God bless you all for hearing and acting upon our prayerful plea.


PS… RTF is willing and able to provide certified documentation supporting our ministry's legitimacy. Please let us know what you will need to get started supporting our community for hope.


Director Arvind Deep



RTF works to develop community leaders and part-time volunteers, all dedicated to bringing relief to disadvantaged people who are suffering and in need of support in one form or another.


Our objective is to identify, procure and distribute badly needed resources such as food, water, shelter, educational supplies, as well as healthcare support for those who simply can not provide these things for themselves.


RTF believes success comes from community involvement and this requires time, money, material, and most importantly,  a trustworthy and dedicated team of individuals who care deeply for those who are less fortunate than themselves..


We know from experience, our programs will not be as successful as they could be without consistent support from our local communities.


Please help RTF develop a reliable support system for those who need it the most. India as a whole will be a better place because of it.

Director Arvind Deep
Rev. Subhas Nanda

Director Arvind Deep accepted a leadership role within RTF and has dedicated his life to ensuring the ministry’s success. He carries a real burden in his heart for children, widows, and all who have fallen between the cracks of society.


Our organization's charter is to care for those in need by providing basic necessities such as food, water, clothing, shelter, educational support, and medical assistance whenever practical. In addition, RTF understands the value of higher education. Our leadership team and our social workers work tirelessly preparing our orphan children to enter into the government school system and then we continue to support the children as they adjust to a new structure and the rigors of a formal classroom environment along with all the other challenges life will most certainly present to them.




My name is Subhas Nanda. I was born into a Gentiles family. One day I failed in my business and this caused me to plan my suicide. That same day I attended a road meeting and I heard about Jesus. I accepted Jesus and decided to live for Jesus. God showed me I should care for poor children and I accepted this challenge. I am a post graduate and using my talent to help needy children and their families.

Rev Subhas Nanda

saraipali chhstisgarh India

Associate Director Steve Thornton is a technology business professional in the USA who spends a great deal of time with our website, infrastructure, and seeking funding from within the USA.
Rev. Steve has a real desire to contribute wherever possible while serving international ministries, especially ministries who primarily serve children, the poor, and widows. This is one of many reasons Steve reached out to the Revival Tabernacle Fellowship. He endeavors to be more involved in new projects focused on building support facilities for children, widows, and others in need of food, water, shelter, clothing,  educational and medical assistance.
Rev. Steve Thornton
Associate Director (USA)
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